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03 January 2023

Our 'Clean Desk' policy at CC33

Isabelle Nyunt

Here at CC33, we think it's important that desks are kept tidy. So, we thought we'd take the opportunity to have a chat with our Data Protection Officer, Connor Fitzpatrick-Bryne about it.
Connor says "Implementing a clear desk policy can seem challenging, but it’s achievable, if it has been embraced by every level of an organisation. However, rather than simply enforcing a new policy, try offering tips for decluttering and how to include it in the daily routine, a more beneficial approach for both parties."
Connor continues "although introduced to ensure confidential information is removed from workspaces and locked away when not in use or when individuals leave their workstation, there are many other overlooked benefits that come hand-in-hand with keeping your desk clean."

There are many benefits to having a clear desk policy. In addition to GDPR compliance, a clear desk can lead to...

Reduction of waste

A clean desk means fewer documents circulating the office, which means it is easier to encourage recycling as the preferred method of disposal.

Saving time and money

Reducing time and energy searching for information and encourages the use of digital versions, significantly reducing your environmental footprint.

Reduces stress and makes a positive professional impression

Organised employees spend more time focused on assigned tasks, rather than experiencing a feeling of being overwhelmed and creates a better impression to clients and visitors.

Helps to keep employee belongings safe

Reduces the risk of personal possessions that have been misplaced and is a helpful reminder to those who often forget items at the end of the day.

Reduces illness

It is inevitable that an untidy workstation can promote germs; by keeping workstations clear, it will help to prevent the spread of illness and promotes good hygiene.