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Retaining your customers with CC33 customer retention and renewal support

CC33 understand the importance of customer retention to the success of your business. Our team has a wealth of experience helping large businesses with their customer retention challenges, customer upgrades, cross sells, renewals, winback, and cancellation turnarounds.


Customer upgrades


Customer upgrades are a key part of our retention offering at CC33. We can support your customers in upgrading their services or products across various channels including inbound, outbound, web chat and email.


Customer cross sells


CC33 have a long history of supporting additional product cross sells to existing customers, for our partners. We have a proven track record of successfully promoting additional products to existing customers in sectors such as energy, broadband, and telecoms.


Cancellation support


If your business is struggling with high cancellation rates, our skilled advisors can help turn things around by providing cancellation support through outbound and inbound call campaigns. We understand the importance of feedback and use insights from cancellations to help identify root causes and suggest improvements to your campaigns. How can we help your business today?



Winback activity


Winback activity is another area where we excel, as we have worked with some of the UK’s leading energy suppliers on customer winback campaigns with great success. Whether you need assistance with lapsed customers or longer-term winback projects, we can create a bespoke campaign tailored to your business needs.


Customer renewals


Successful customer contract renewals are the lifeblood of any annual or multi-annual contracted customer business. Ensuring your renewal process catches your customers at the right time across the right channel, to ensure they renew your product is essential We may provide channels and services that your business cannot currently perform too, helping reach your customers at the right time in the right way. 

Think of CC33 as an extension of your business, dedicated to customer success and committed to helping you retain and grow your customer base. Contact us today to see how we can help your business with any customer retention challenges you may be facing.


We can help your business with any customer retention challenges. Our extensive experience has seen us help large UK businesses in customer upgrades, cross selling, renewals, winback and cancellation turnarounds. We can help in both the B2C and B2B arenas omni-channel.


A cancellation case study

We supported a clinical research partner in gaining participants for a new clinical medical trial. Our partner needed help with a predicted increase in call demand to gain participants.


Initial call volumes were significantly higher than originally expected so we supported rapid growth of the team as the new response levels dictated. We then set about working closely with our partner on robust campaign scheduling to facilitate the best performance. We also identified the lack of a multichannel approach meant the cancellation rates for booked appointments were far too high. Implementing clear call outcomes to support cancellation insight as well as a new multi-channel text confirmation and follow up process meant we reduced the appointment cancellation rates by 39% whilst rocketing the answer rate to 98% - all with an average answer time of just 7 seconds. 

Customer upgrades
Customer cross-sells
Customer renewals
Cancellation support and turnaround
Customer winback activity
Cancellation management
Customer up-sells
Our Retaining your customers with CC33 customer retention and renewal support Services
  • Customer upgrades and upsells for your business

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  • Customer cross sell campaigns for you business

    Helping maximise customer revenue and loyalty with a targeted multichannel contact approach. READ MORE
  • Customer renewals for your business

    Let us support your renewal process. With our multi channel capability we can ensure we renew your customer products at just the right time. READ MORE
  • Cancellation support for your business

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  • Winback activity for your business

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Why Choose CC33?
cc33Flexible approachAt CC33 we can help your Business whenever and however you need it. We already help our Partners as part of their long-term Strategic solution, or as a tactical response to a particular Service or Sales problem they may be facing in the moment. We can be flexible too, creating a way for your Business to quickly ‘test and learn’ any idea you might have. 
cc33On shore management, off shore pricesWe now have a contact centre based in Cape Town, South Africa. This solution is often helpful for our Partners when they require a different commercial structure and service. Why not get in touch to see how we can help you today
cc33Boutique approachWe have our boutique team, especially for those smaller campaigns when you are looking for quick support, or perhaps to test and learn a new idea
cc33Multi-channelOur multi-channel approach means that you can trust CC33 to contact with your customers through the right channels.
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