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Gaining growth through Telemarketing

We can help your business with all your customer acquisition objectives. Our experience in telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, sales pipeline nurturing, as well as the full end-to-end sales process means we can help you in every step of the way.

Telemarketing Services by CC33


CC33 is a leading provider of outsourced telemarketing services, offering a full lifecycle approach to help businesses gain and retain customers effectively. Our experienced leadership team has decades of experience executing successful telemarketing campaigns across various sectors such as energy, broadband, entertainment, travel and property.


Our telemarketing services cover various aspects, including:



Lead Generation:


Lead generation is a crucial part of any organisation's growth strategy, and is a core offering at CC33. We leverage our expertise to help businesses identify and capture potential leads. By understanding your target audience and implementing efficient lead generation strategies, we maximise your sales opportunities and help you achieve your acquisition goals.



Pipeline Nurturing:


We can ensure that your sales opportunities are managed effectively. Our team provides consistent communication with your sale pipeline and follow-up to nurture leads at every stage of the sales funnel, ultimately increasing your chances of conversion. We utilise various communication channels to engage with potential customers and drive results



B2B/B2C Appointment Setting:


Whether you operate in the B2B or B2C market, we can assist you in booking quality appointments for your business. We already help businesses book appointments for their business development teams, financial advisors or customers. Our expert advisors use carefully targeted data providers as well as data files provided by you to qualify appointments with specific questions relevant to your business, thus ensuring quality leads for your team. We provide B.A.N.T (Budget, Ability to make decision/buy, product Need and purchase Timeline) qualified appointments to suit your business objectives.



Abandoned Basket Follow-Up:


While abandoned baskets are typically associated with online shopping, our experience has shown that a phone contact follow-up can be very effective. Many online businesses may not have the resources or infrastructure to conduct such follow-ups. That's where CC33 comes in This is another area where we excel, providing support for online businesses to follow up on abandoned baskets through outbound phone contact. We have the infrastructure and dedicated team to ensure that no opportunity is left behind, helping you recover potential sales and increase revenue



Full Sales Cycle Support:


As a premier outsourced sales contact centre, our goal is to help you maximise your sales capacity. We specialise in working with partners in the energy, telecoms, broadband, and TV platform sectors to achieve their acquisition sales objectives. For these partners, we provide the full end to end sale process up to and including any relevant contract signature. Whether you need assistance from the very beginning of the sales cycle or at any stage along the way, CC33 can provide the expertise and resources you need to drive growth in your business.



Partnering with CC33 for your outsourced telemarketing services, ensures that your business gains and retains customers effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed in its growth ambitions!







Acquisition Case Study:


To further illustrate the effectiveness our outsourced telemarketing services, here’s an acquisition case study. This case study shows how we have helped businesses achieve their sales goals and grow their customer base. Contact us to learn more about how CC33 can help your business succeed.


We partnered with a regional broadband provider who needed to increase brand awareness and Sales in their region at pace. CC33 were appointed as the experienced and compliant outbound contact centre to outbound contact consumers within specific postcode sectors to raise awareness and sell their broadband services. CC33 then completed the sale on behalf of their partner. The activity resulted in a 49% increase in sales Q2 Vs Q4 2022 as new process, coaching and data enrichment saw sales performance improve significantly. In addition the 'sales per hour' metric enjoyed increases of 63% over the same period. All whilst achieving an average quality of 98% and average compliance score of 99%. This initial strong performance resulted in additional activity being agreed with our partner including inbound sales and renewals. 


Outbound Telemarketing
Inbound Telemarketing
Sales pipeline nurturing
Qualified B2B/B2C appointment setting
Lead generation
Full sales cycle support
Online 'abandoned basket' support
Our Gaining growth through Telemarketing Services
  • Pipeline nurturing for your business

    We can help your business manage it's sales pipeline better. We can monitor your incoming sales opportunities and hand hold them them through every step of your sales funnel. We are experts at keeping those opportunities warm with a consistent communication and follow up schedule. We can do this across multiple channels too. READ MORE
  • Quality B2B/B2C appointment setting for your business

    We work with a number of partners in both the B2B & B2C arenas, booking appointments for their business development teams or financial advisors. Any appointment booked can be qualified with a specific set of quesions relevant to your business. Our advisors can call from our own carefully budgeted and targeted data providers on your behalf, or from your own provided data files.  READ MORE
  • Online 'abandoned basket' support for your business

    Supporting an online problem with effective offline channels, in our experience, leads to increased ROI and conversion for your business. Often, a more traditional offline approach can effectively cut through and reach your customers faster during their buying cycle READ MORE
  • Full sales cycle support for your business

    At CC33 we can turbocharge your business growth by delivering your full end to end Sales cycle for you. READ MORE
  • Lead generation

    If you are looking to generate leads for your business, whether in the B2B or B2C space, CC33 could be a valuable partner for you. READ MORE
Why Choose CC33?
cc33Flexible approachAt CC33 we can help your Business whenever and however you need it. We already help our Partners as part of their long-term Strategic solution, or as a tactical response to a particular Service or Sales problem they may be facing in the moment. We can be flexible too, creating a way for your Business to quickly ‘test and learn’ any idea you might have. 
cc33On shore management, off shore pricesWe now have a contact centre based in Cape Town, South Africa. This solution is often helpful for our Partners when they require a different commercial structure and service. Why not get in touch to see how we can help you today
cc33Boutique approachWe have our boutique team, especially for those smaller campaigns when you are looking for quick support, or perhaps to test and learn a new idea
cc33Multi-channelOur multi-channel approach means that you can trust CC33 to contact with your customers through the right channels.
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