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Quality B2B/B2C appointment setting for your business

Get qualified appointments for your business

Our experienced appointment setters help get you the right qualified prospects for your business. Your business development teams can then focus on the important job of converting those quality appointment provided!

We have experience in booking both business to business and consumer appointments across a number of industries including finance, insurance, energy and telecomms, education as well as the skills training sector.



Understanding your requirements


We start by understanding your needs, painpoints, business and your products. We then design a bespoke camapaign to ensure we get the right quality and value of prospect to help your business grow.


It's all in the data


Any data requirements can be met - whether we are providing the data or you have your own supply. We will then work together to optimise contact strategies, call outcomes, scripts and anything else required to ensure a high performing data set .


Getting the right team for you


Our agents are carefuly selected to ensure we get the right level of experience and focus to help get your campaign off to a flying start. (Y)our colleages all need appointment setting experience as a mimumin, as well as experience in your sector preferably.


Qualified appointments


All of our appointments are qualified to your requirements using BANT methodology (budget, authority, need, timescale). We will also ensure any additional compliance and quality metrics required are in place for your peace of mind.


Quality peace of mind


We have live call recording and an open door for you to listen to what we're doing on your behalf... any time . Plus we have call regular call calibration sessions to ensure quality is as required.


BANT qualified appointments
Live listening anytime to your campaign
Data available to suit your requirements
Carefully selected experienced agents
Why Choose CC33?
cc33Flexible approachAt CC33 we can help your Business whenever and however you need it. We already help our Partners as part of their long-term Strategic solution, or as a tactical response to a particular Service or Sales problem they may be facing in the moment. We can be flexible too, creating a way for your Business to quickly ‘test and learn’ any idea you might have. 
cc33On shore management, off shore pricesWe now have a contact centre based in Cape Town, South Africa. This solution is often helpful for our Partners when they require a different commercial structure and service. Why not get in touch to see how we can help you today
cc33Boutique approachWe have our boutique team, especially for those smaller campaigns when you are looking for quick support, or perhaps to test and learn a new idea
cc33Multi-channelOur multi-channel approach means that you can trust CC33 to contact with your customers through the right channels.
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