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Winback activity for your business

Using our expertise to help win your customer back, growing revenue

If you require winback services for your business, then we can help. Whether utilising a traditional outbound or inbound call approach, or a multichannel execution, we can take care of winning back your customers for you.

At CC33 we know, unlike other campaigns, winback activity often requires acute account resolution before attempting a winback. Therefore, a holistic approach to any winback campaign to understand customer issues is paramount to the success.




Working with a high growth energy supplier

We worked with a high growth energy business on helping them win their customers back once they had moved to another energy supplier. Our focus was on those Customers who had left our client within the last 12-18 months. Our team were tasked with contacting these customers, to not only attempt to win the customer back, but also to fact find in why the customer left in the first place.


Through our optimal contact strategy and strong product knowledge our team performed to a very high standard across the camapign, winning back 30% of those customers contacted, within a 12 month period. This outstanding performance was celebrated by our client and resulted in it being part of a suite of longer term campaigns we had with this energy supplier.

Outbound winback activity support
Inbound winback activity support
Digital winback support
Optimal winback customer journey/ contact strategy design
Why Choose CC33?
cc33Flexible approachAt CC33 we can help your Business whenever and however you need it. We already help our Partners as part of their long-term Strategic solution, or as a tactical response to a particular Service or Sales problem they may be facing in the moment. We can be flexible too, creating a way for your Business to quickly ‘test and learn’ any idea you might have. 
cc33On shore management, off shore pricesWe now have a contact centre based in Cape Town, South Africa. This solution is often helpful for our Partners when they require a different commercial structure and service. Why not get in touch to see how we can help you today
cc33Boutique approachWe have our boutique team, especially for those smaller campaigns when you are looking for quick support, or perhaps to test and learn a new idea
cc33Multi-channelOur multi-channel approach means that you can trust CC33 to contact with your customers through the right channels.
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