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Complaint management for your business

Helping get your customer complaints under control

We have experience in both regulated and non-regulated complaint handling across a number of sectors. This enables us to support quickly, compliantly and efficiently - when you probably need it most.  

At CC33 we use our experienced team to resolve or investigate complaints and, where appropriate, provide remedies to help identify improved practices for your customers.


We can also help you with more serious complaints, or complaints that cannot be resolved by front-line staff - by handing to one of our subject matter experts in our Complaint Handling Team for investigation, resolution, and any other appropriate action.



We can also assist partners by reviewing their existing complaint handling procedures by conducting a gap analysis, ensuring they are aligned to the relevant regulatory and statutory obligations:


Any gap analysis audit would cover the following processes and an action plan is produced to address any concerns.


  1. Policies & Procedures
  2. Governance & Timeframes
  3. Training & Competency
  4. Controls & Measures
  5. Audits & Monitoring
  6. Record Keeping


Regulated or non-regulated complaints

Our experienced complaint handlers are competent in both regulated and non-regulated complaints, ensuring that all elements of a complaint are addressed. However, when dealing with regulated complaints our team recognise the additional requirements to comply with regulated complaints and the associated timescales. 

A complaint handler will generally manage a complaint from inception to resolution. Feedback from our clients confirmed that customers appreciate the continuity and reassurance of communicating with a named complaint hander.

There is increasing recognition by regulators and ombudsman schemes that getting processes right for vulnerable consumers leads to better outcomes for all consumers.

Many of our clients take comfort from the reassurance that CC33 provides through its complaint management solutions.


Social Media comment or complaint management

Social media is widely used as a communication tool and increasingly our clients are finding that more of their customers are taking to social media to express themselves.

The quicker a response is provided to a ‘public complaint’, the more compassionate a business will usually look. We can work with you on response targets for all social media outlets 

Some regulators (Ofgem and Ofcom) only make provision for complaints to be in writing, by email or by telephone. However, other regulators (FCA and Legal Services Board) provide that complaint processes should allow complaints to be made by ‘any reasonable means’.

Clients are increasingly seeking assistance from us to provide resource solutions to manage their complaint management processes where there is a balance to be struck between speedy resolution and providing a satisfactory and full response.


Ombudsman complaint case management

All regulated businesses are required to report all complaints referred to their respective Ombudsman schemes as regulators give extra weights to a service failing when a complaint is referred to an Ombudsman.

The importance of learning from complaints in order to improve future complaints handling and to address systemic issues is a growing key focus for our clients. When an attempt to reach a resolution with a customer is unsuccessful, some clients are finding that they do not have sufficient resources to address the additional obligations and response timescales that an Ombudsman case referral can demand.

This is where CC33 come in. We can review the original complaint investigation and any missed opportunities to reach a resolution. In many cases, we have successfully disputed the Ombudsman referral and bring the management of the complaint back in house which allows the opportunity to reach a resolution directly with the customer. Thus, saving our clients Ombudsman referral fees, redress awards that the customer could have received following an Ombudsman referral and negating against reputational damage.



Supporting our partners


We recently worked with a partner helping handle their high level and Ombudsman complaints at a difficult time for the business. The result saw a significant increase in productivity and complaint closures against their previous inhouse team.


Another one of our partners recently requested assistance with the creation of a completely new complaint management process. These were designed and created with input from our Quality and Compliance teams. They drafted a ‘Complaints Handling Process’ guide, which included a step-by-step guide to support our partner's specific complaint handling requirements. Each guide sets out the steps of the complaint management process unique to them, and includes the competency standards required at each stage of the process.    




Non regulated complaint management
OMBUDSMAN complaint case management
Social media comment or complaint management
Voice, written or digital correspondence management
Why Choose CC33?
cc33Flexible approachAt CC33 we can help your Business whenever and however you need it. We already help our Partners as part of their long-term Strategic solution, or as a tactical response to a particular Service or Sales problem they may be facing in the moment. We can be flexible too, creating a way for your Business to quickly ‘test and learn’ any idea you might have. 
cc33On shore management, off shore pricesWe now have a contact centre based in Cape Town, South Africa. This solution is often helpful for our Partners when they require a different commercial structure and service. Why not get in touch to see how we can help you today
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