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15 December 2022

How to spot an ineffective strategy

Isabelle Nyunt

There can be a lot of poor decision making in the workplace. Luckily, at CC33, we pride ourselves on having attracting some of the best leaders, and we believe that managers who can recognise bad strategies are better at designing great strategies. 

Goals That Don't Have Context

If you don’t identify and analyze real world obstacles, there isn’t a strategy but simply a list of desirable things you wish to happen.

No Defined Problem

Without detailing how to achieve the objective there is no way to define the business problem; you cannot evaluate a strategy or improve it.

Mistaking Goals for Strategy

Many bad strategies are just statements of desire rather than plans for overcoming business model obstacles.

Unrealistic Expectations

If the strategic objectives are just as hard to achieve as the end goal, then the strategy may not be achievable. A good strategy that takes into account actual resources and competencies, will make significantly more progress.

Impractical Objectives

Strategic objectives may fail to address critical issues facing the organization or may be impracticable to execute.


Rumelt, the writer of 'The Perils of Bad Strategy' wrote: “the core of good strategy is always the same. It’s about discovering the critical factors in a situation and designing a way of coordinating and focusing visible actions to deal with those factors”.