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27 April 2023

CC33 explain how their thorough approach can benefit your business

Richard Cotton

CC33 explain how their thorough approach can benefit your business
As the partner contact centre space continues to develop, at CC33 we take a thorough approach to Learning and Development to ensure we provide the most capable colleagues for our partners' campaigns.
Our approach begins with listening to our partners' requirements. We understand that each partner is unique and has different needs. That's why we work closely to identify their individual Learning and Development objectives, then design specific training programs to optimise success.
Structure is a key component of our Learning and Development approach. Whether we're working on communication skills or process knowledge, we use a structured approach throughout. This maximizes retention and ensures our new colleagues are equipped to provide the exceptional service our partners expect.
We believe that understanding the principles of customer service and sales is essential for success. Our delegates benefit from our Learning and development specialists who have strong industry knowledge as well as the latest development skills insight. Plus, they have access to a wide range of resources including videos and online courses. This helps delegates build their knowledge and skills, whilst encouraging participation, engagement and interaction throughout. Our aim is always for our learners to gain the independence for personal growth as well as professional development.
We know that practice makes perfect, so we provide frequent opportunities for our learners to hone their skills in simulated scenarios. We use various scenarios and different customer personas to ensure our learners are prepared for anything that comes their way. This culminates in all learners passing an end of training roleplay call focusing on product knowledge, quality & compliance, process, call structure, vocal qualities as well as effective conversations.
By utilising theory, roleplay, frequent practice, encouraging questions, structure, and listening to our partner's requirements we ensure our team is always ready to provide the highest level of service for your campaign or project.

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