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27 October 2022
Why companies should outsource their sales and marketing functions
Isabelle Nyunt

Years ago, it wasn’t common to outsource sales and marketing due to the slower and simpler processes. Traditionally, advertising campaigns rolled out over months, and data used by marketing teams usually came from focus groups and sales departments. With digital transformation, everything has changed; budgeting, data analysis and creating time-scales are completely different processes to what they used to be.

Depending on the development stage of each business, there are multiple benefits in outsourcing your sales and marketing efforts.
For start-ups and smaller companies, demand generation or sales appointment setting might be all that is needed. However, for more established businesses, outsourcing the complete sales pipeline and account management may be the savvy decision to make.

Here, we've compiled a few benefits to outsourcing your sales and marketing functions.


Instead of managing your sales and marketing team, you could be focusing on developing new products, networking, identifying new sectors, and more. Outsourcing gives you the reassurance that the work will be completed on time and on budget.

Scaling Efforts Flexibly

Whether you need to double the sales force or the business wants to shift investment to a different market or priority, it can be as simple as a phone call. Working with an external partner will give you greater bandwidth to scale marketing efforts quickly and respond to revenue contribution demands.

Access to Expertise

Instead of taking the time to build a high performing team, you will get access to one straight away. Outside specialists also bring fresh insights and knowledge that many in-house teams have not been exposed to within their organisation. As they are used to work in a variety of industries and with a variety of business types, external partners are likely to have learned to identify transferable skills and core problems in order to bring results.


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